Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Review: Sueño by Lorna Dee Cervantes

Review: Sueño
Author: Lorna Dee Cervantes
pages: 132 pages

Spending some time with Lorna Dee Cervantes in my truck. She's tossing pecan shells out the window as I turn the pages of her dreams. It's 65 degrees with a wind that blows through our conversation as she braids her hair showing me her heart-shaped scars that tell of wet feet and a milk that does not lie.

I can carry this great Chicana with me wherever I go. Opening up the pages to Sueño, her fifth major collection of poems-I savored each poem and read each one over again. In "Fear of Death" I found myself gasping for Marta, "Martha had a fear of death, she wouldn't sleep for the child still caught in her throat..." Sueño does that! The words jumped out at me and gave me fortaleza as a poet, just as Langston Hughes and Juan Felipe Herrera have.

Lorna held nothing back. She peeled the skin off of mother earth inside out, wrote about it, stitched it back together and still has enough poetic prowess to continue the mastery of language. Brain food made with tortillas de maíz, the slap I felt in Language from her grandmother and her true Leo self shells out a powerful poem with Hips Hitting The Floor.

The ode to her love in Intergrity shows her wisdom and heart as a poet and lover, "I love the way we fit together as if I were your seed." There was never a time after reading this book, whether in spurts or long coffee shop visits, that I did not put it down and smile. Cervantes weaves the Native back into us with her selflessness, wisdom and energy.

Learn how good sleep sounds, Dulces Sueños!

-Edward Vidaurre

*Published on La Tolteca Zine Spring 2014 issue

La Tolteca ‘Zine, Spring Solstice 2014 ¡Sí se puede!

A literary arts magazine that promotes the advancement of a world without borders and censorship. Theme: The Politics of Water. Sonnet Contest Winners, and Workshopistas’ Palette.

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