Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pasta, Poetry & Vino featured Rodney Gomez

A flood warning didn't keep words from flowing tonight at Pasta, Poetry & Vino's 49th celebration.

Our featured poet Rodney Gomez introduced us to his beautiful poetry and award winning book, "Spine" winner of the Gloria Anzaldúa prize (Newfound 2015)

It was an intimate reading, with a diverse dynamic of writers fueled with honesty and passion for the written word.

No holds barred words from the depths of each poet and I was lucky enough to absorb each word. That's why PPV is such a gift to all who attend.

Thank you to our featured poet Rodney Gomez for honoring us with his poems and friendship.

In June we have featured author Gabriel Sanchez with his debut collection "The Fluid Chicano" (Slough Press 2015) and Vincent Cooper of San Antonio author of "Where The Reckless Ones Come To Die" (Aztlan Libre Press 2014)

See you in June!


-Edward Vidaurre

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